January 06, 2010

Apple Tablet Prepared to go until March indeed.

While many parties together to predict the schedule released the Apple Tablet is a watch that is. Latest news from The Wall Street Journal has been confirmed. Acknowledge the facts from the set Boasting true. The sale will begin officially in March of this will indeed.

The sources said that the Apple Tablet size 10 or 11 inch version will be released officially set in March. Although the odd details of the new device will also not reveal much, but the opening is expected later this month at the Boasting a larger event. Should be detailed to each track. The recent Kai-fu Lee on Google's consultants have been talking about details of the size 10.1-inch Tablet edition on his blog, The Tablet, said that this device is a computer that resembles the iPhone that is. Support by a touch screen or touch. It has featured such as virtual keyboard, 3D graphic, supports e-book readers and supports connectivity via conference call or Video Conferencing, etc. The display will be priced about. 1,000 dollars USD.

Source: CNET

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