September 18, 2010

Toshiba AC100 Android Netbook

Toshiba AC100 Android Netbook
Toshiba unconventional originality of Netbook computer that most often comes with the Windows operating system. By using the free operating system with an Android operating system instead of Windows operating system. Revel preparation released soon.

The latest portable netbook computer from Toshiba will be using an operating system Android operating system instead of Windows. Be thin than And called an efficiency that does not lose any previous version of netbook that has Intel chips run the Windows operating system.

Nowadays, Netbook computers are often attached to the Intel chip that support Windows. The Lastest, Toshiba has tried to change traditional rules with to launch the Model AC100 Netbook does not take Windows operating system and Intel chips. And will be running an operating system, Android 2.1 from Google.
On the second processor core processor Nvidia Tegra 250 instead. It is also incredibly thin. And the user may think that the current version of netbook heavy as brickbat.
In addition, the RAM size 512MB with flash memory sizes 16GB card using the Nvidia GeForce graphics with screen size 10.1 inches with port connected SD card slot, USB 2.0 and Webcam support Wi-Fi: 802.11. b / g / n and 3G will weigh in at around 870 grams or about 1.9 pounds and can be used continuously for about seven hours for the price has not been disclosed report.

Source : CNET

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