October 13, 2010

iPhone 3GS 16GB Black

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
  • UMTS/HSDPA (850,1900, 2100 MHz)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

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iPhone 3GS Description

Meet the iPhone 3G S. Featuring a remarkable video camera, voice control and more. It's a revolutionary phone, a great widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device in one. And with tens of thousands of apps from the App Store, it can do just about anything. IPhone 3G S still has all the features that make it an iPhone, Phone, iPod and Internet device in one, iPhone offers desktop-class email, an amazing maps application, and Safari- the world's most advanced mobile web browser. And your iPhone does even more when you add apps from the App store. iPhone 3G S now lets you shoot and edit video, then share it via email, MMS, MobileMe or YouTube. And still pictures get better with a 3-megapixel camera, built-in autofocus and a tap-to-focus feature. Load web pages, launch apps, open attachments and take pictures faster than ever before. IPhone 3G S makes your entire iPhone experience more responsive

Most Recent Customer Reviews

well, since the introduction of the touch phone technology, I wasn't very keen on owning one but when I decided to go for it, iphone was my choice....and what a choice. Read more

 Very good but not quite perfect
After a couple of years of deliberation, and ownership of a few Nokias and a Samsung (all of which disappointed in some way or other) I finally decided to give in to colleagues peer pressure and get one of these. Needing it to work with corporate email was a key driver in pushing me away from the likes of Android and having owned Symbian phones, none of them were fully capable of HTML mail as this thing is so the email experience is far far better now.

Don't get me wrong, after coming from quite customizable OS's, the iPhone does feel a bit restricted and over simplified, but some may argue those are it's key strengths too. No bluetooth file transfer, limited options for choosing ringtones / sms tones, no settings for the camera etc etc all made me think twice before placing my order, but considering my alternatives were the likes of Blackberry or Windows Mobile (ugh) I'm glad I went Apple.

Camera wise, so far I'm actually quite impressed. Considering it's "only" 3mp with no flash, it copes quite well in low light with limited noise levels despite the high ISO's used. Video recording on it is excellent at 30fps and you can crop them too afterwards which is brilliant. I have bought a new point and shoot camera anyway as the ones fitted to phones are never going to give the same performance. Sure, they look fine on the screen but view them on a laptop etc and the quality soon shows. However, in emergencies or when you just need to take a quick pic the camera is more than good enough. I think people need to realise that there's more to a camera than megapixels alone. Having owned a Samsung I8910 HD with 8mp, the shots with that were still not as good as my Sony 7mp dedicated camera and in low light due to the tiny sensor it was useless. 3mp on a phone is plenty. Want outstanding photos? Buy a camera.

Otherwise, since getting the phone I've been hitting the app store big time. There's oodles of apps available, many of which are free, and lots of others are cheap enough not to concern me. There's a lot of rubbish on there though, like fart apps and sound effect ones but also some real gems too. Makes me think that out of the so called 100,000 apps they claim to have, 90,000 of them are probably pointless (and with a LOT of apps that do the same thing) with the remaining 10,000 being actually of some use. Aside from that though the store is dead easy to use and getting apps is a doddle.

I do have some gripes though, oversimplicity and lack of configuration options aside.

Firstly, the phone signal strength is pitiful sometimes. The phone will often lose signal completely in areas where my Nokia's and Samsung never struggled. Quite odd.

Secondly, GPS signal is not as strong as on other phones I've had. My Nokia's (N97 aside) could get a signal easily in the car, and my Samsung could even get one indoors. The iPhone however needs a really clear view of the sky and it took a good 20 mins to get a fix first time round, with it dropping out several times before it became usable.

Lastly is battery life. This thing chomps battery like it's going out of fashion, so carry a charger/ USB lead with you if out and about for a bit and buy a car charger too. Compared to other touch screen phones I've had it's marginally worse so far but then I have been playing with it a lot so this may settle down when I do. :)

To confirm, this phone is listed as PAYG on O2, but should work with any O2 SIM I think. I inserted my work O2 SIM and it works fine so it's only a network lock and nothing more. It comes without a SIM so you'll need to get one from O2 if you do actually want to go O2 PAYG.

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