October 15, 2010

Keysonic Compact Wireless Keyboard

Technical Details

  • Compact wireless keyboard
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless technology allows up to 10m range
  • Laptop-style keys
  • Compact transmitter
  • Modern silver and black design

Box Contains

  • Keyboard
  • USB wireless receiver
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Keysonic Compact Wireless Keyboard with Integrated Touch Pad (2.4Ghz Radio Frequency, Notebook Layout)

This wireless mini-keyboard with built-in touchpad with 2 mouse function keys is extremely useful in any number of situations. The far-ranging radio-frequency transmission at 2.4 GHz is reliable up to 33 ft. Its extremely flat construction contains a built-in hand cushion and the full functionality of a standard layout keyboard due to built in numeric keypad and 12 function keys. The extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback is due to high quality “X-Type” membrane technology. Easy to install with Plug & Play, this keyboard is ideal for use with home theatres, conference and presentation facilities. See more overview.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

 Excellent product
This keyboard is great. The letters on my previous one, also cordless with a cordless mouse, had worn off with time so I had to replace it. The installation was instant.

 Works as i expected
I bought this because resting my hand on the table with the mouse was really hurting my wrists. This is a welcome relief.
 Works great - for a while
This keyboard works great and installs easily and quickly. It works at a fair range and the keys are responsive. The batteries last around 2-3 months, which isn't bad.

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