November 03, 2010

MacBook Air Laptop

Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch LaptopApple revamped new MacBook Air ready to wade through mini laptop market

Finally, the hope of all the disciples that was waiting for to touch the simple luxury design of the new MacBook Air laptop so it is.

When Apple announced launch the New generation MacBook Air laptop has been improved to speed and increased working performance, but there less weight. Because Apple has decided to reduce weight of body with the turned into the internal memory instead of the hard drive as a reason to make it with more weight. Which would have to say that it is really good idea. Because it makes this new laptop weighs only 2.3 or 2.9 pounds, Unlike an earlier version that weighs up to 3 pounds.

By the 11-inch model selling price starts at 999 $ drive with processor chip-set from Intel with VGA Cards from Nvidia and internal memory 64 GB who are interested can upgrade equipment increased by paying up 100-200 $ while 13-inch model will cost 1,299 and 1,599 U.S.dollars with processing chip-set from Intel at different prices came from capacity of memory, which the cheaper models that have a SSD hard drive 128GB, while the expensive model will increase double capacity of hard drive, which both versions can pay an additional 100 US dollars to upgrade processor to speed up. For details of the general MacBook air will come with trackpad multi-touch-glass, web cam, mini DisplayPort, USB 2 ports, along with surfing the Internet anywhere with Wi-Fi support for connecting wirelessly with Bluetooth technology for extended battery life in version 11-inches can be used up to 5 hours while larger 13-inch model will be able to work up to 7 hours.

All two models can also be waiting for the work to 30 days, those interested that can order today.

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