December 11, 2010

Tablet Take Market Share 10% on 2014

'Gardner' IT market research firm Report Market PC (personal computer), including notebooks. Latest concluded that worldwide PC sales this year would be at 352.4 million units increased 14.3% from a year ago but less than the company estimated last September. It is expected that the PC market growth rate will be 17.9% as a result of market consumer's control over spending. And interests of the portable device type tablet increased continuously.

Expected in 2014 device type. Tablet is to take market share of the worldwide PC market, about 10% starting to see impact since 2010 when the ice pad tablet, Apple's released to the market since Apr ago. And Gardner predicts. Tablet sales in 2010 will be approximately 19.5 million units and grew nearly three times in 2011 to 54.8 million units and will jump up to 208 million in 2014. As Gardner sees the growth of the PC market in 2011 with growth rates lower than expected as well. It is expected that the amount of shipping PCs will reach 409 million units, representing growth of approximately 15.9% from the previously expected growth of 18.1%.

Gardner, principal analyst, said "This result reflects, lower growth in the short term. Because the needs of the consumer's weaker". However does not include consumer interest tablet as i Pad up continuously. In addition, results from the weakening economic situation is important to make overview. PC sales weaken. Meanwhile, industry is also faced with the challenge of long-term. Because consumer begins looking for alternative devices such as tablet or smartphone replace. For emerging markets. In just a few years from now a consumer's tendency to overlook the PC and toward device choice. To use a computing device first. Instead of the traditional PC buyers.

In the U.S. market and European consumer electronics market continues to slow down the spending continued. The life of the computer and desktop and notebook PCs for longer. It must grapple with the economic and financial uncertainty. Yet consumer's may not choose to buy a PC. But turn to media buying tablet instead of a temporary

However, it seems that almost all the research companies have reduced the amount expected. PC sales drop Because the impact of tablet. After every camp manufacturer of various computer tablet developed to enhance competitiveness.

While Media Post News based on data from Gardner indicated that Trend of the products in the future will focus on some mobile big screen and no keyboard. Which is the products in the media tablet. At the same time connected devices for use in the enterprise will have more active roles. A result, the lines between technology for personal use and the organization will begin to move by rail Gardner is expected in 2013, over 80% of organizations are bringing. Tablet to use to meet the business. "iPad is first device that creates a big wave of the tablet. The focus of consumer content and communication at the Apple applications are compatible with any more processing power than typical PCs and notebooks. To meet increased usage. Or at least the organization could provide all the equipment. Nearby, employees can access e-mail to the calendar on the handheld device itself"

The analysts from Citigroup disclosed that in 2011, the latest research tablet has sold 35 million units by the ice pad to retain the market. However, although sales of tablet is only a small proportion compared with PC sales in 2011 were 400 million units, but sales nonetheless tablet will result. PC sales fell more than 11 million personal computers. And, if true. Growth rates of PC sales are down to only 9% from the expected 12%, which is considered to affect overall PC industry, all

'Craig Burger' analyst with FBR Capital Markets argue with the data from Citigroup estimates that Apple will be selling ice pad up to 40 million units next year. And the tablet from the brand more with 30 million units stating that 'the coming of the tablet is not good for the PC market and sales tablet every 2.5 device will result in sales of PCs are missing 1 unit.

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