July 18, 2011

Refurbish Wholesale Laptops

The business of refurbished laptops is booming in IT markets as these laptops are mostly cheap and reliable. Renowned exterior professional firms collect erratic laptops that are returned from retailers to the manufacturers. Then these laptops undergo various examinations for quality checking.

Dell Latitude D610 Laptop Wireless Computer (Refurbished)Refurbish wholesale laptops are a bulk quantity of laptops that are reconditioned for better performance. During the refurbishing process, laptops are thoroughly checked for manufacturing defects, if any. An extensive inspection of all hardware mechanisms, a functional diagnostic test and performance test are done. Then the laptop is repacked with a new serial number, description, and model number. The packages also have stickers showing the product as a refurbished item. Before dispatching, individual checking of each and the high quality assurance have done every part department. All refurbished laptops have AC adapters, batteries, and pre loaded operating system.The wholesale of refurbished laptops is done at cheap rates as many of laptops are serviced and maintained at a time.

Asus UL50VT-RBBBK05 Laptop PC RefurbishedRefurbish wholesale laptops of renowned brands such as IBM, HP, Compaq, and Toshiba are available at low prices. There is also an advantage of getting the latest models and versions of laptops. Discounts are offered for bulk purchase for educational, military, and charity programs. Refurbish wholesale laptops are available to retailers for three to five percentage discount per laptop. Retailers also have an option to return the refurbished product for upgrading and maintenance. As several laptops are ordered in a single wholesale dealing, transportation charge is saved to a great extent.Some refurbished wholesale laptops come under the manufacturer warranty itself. This enables the customer to get direct support from the manufacturer. Besides this warranty, the external firm which does the refurbishing process also grants on-site warranty for six to twelve months. An extended warranty period cans also be purchased if needed, to support maintenance and parts replacement for a certain time.

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