January 20, 2012

History Of The Digital Computer

In the development of radar during World War II led to an understanding the emergence of electronics, to initiate they have perfected the methods of calculations required for the ballistic trajectory. From these beginnings, has developed a digital computer.

What is, illustrate the difference meant "analog" and "digital?" Analog is similar process or function is one that is equivalent or very similar to the other. The analogy is often used to explain or understand some new features in the terms that are understood.

For instance, an electrical circuit to the house wiring to operate the lamp. The circuit breaker controlled, supply, which is available at the output, where the lamp is lit. This compares with the installation, where the water inlet valve control, or by clicking into the house, then pipe to bring water to the kitchen where you can turn on or turn off the faucet and is available immediately. The water flows can be controlled, which is analogous to a dimmer lamp.

Digital refers to the location or the use of numbers to represent all things. Instance, the digital clock uses the time figures. Numbers to view traditional watches are distributed in the elections for the hand pointing to them is analogous to the passage of time. For example, in a moment, hands pointing down the center of the ring clock, which represents half hours. If the hour hand for the number 3 means that 3 hours. We will tell the time was half past three. While Digital watches say that 3:30.

Closely related to lifestyle such as The development of the turntable platter. The vinyl records is the standard medium for recording and playback music recorded from 1950, has been developed in parallel using both media to the width or proportional to the strength or The original amount of singing and playing live. Music becomes a microphone and audio output of electricity.

With the invention in 1980 from the CD-ROM, digital technology is used to represent changes in sound levels, using the samples to control the sound volume of the pulse. This pulse of the sample is used for high frequency, so that they cannot hear, and the sound monitor. The principle is similar to the video, which is a sequence of still images shown at 32 frames per second, it seems that the series of moving images. Similarly, the TV uses a refresh rate of 50 or 60 per second (rather translated 25 or 30).

The main advantage of the system and make digital copies (AMP, etc. It is also a digital) is that the nature of the frequency pulse is copied, when the transfer from one place. Another instrument, for example, to copy. Track CD collection on CD. By analogy to the transfer of all lost recordings on tape, vinyl LP copied to the stereo at home as a significantly lower quality than the original.

Computer can be analog or digital, all digital has largely overcome analog computer can be used in research, Instance, registration may be made to chart the movement of air temperature and humidity in the room. The new air design charts can be displayed. Anyway, the chart represents the analog of temperature and pressure.

Electronic control in the early years of the aircraft as an analog computer is the amount that is proportional to the movement of the joystick fins. However it is not directly proportional. Calculations performed, depending on the speed and altitude of aircraft, and other factors. The "box" office-linear electronic circuits involved and the response of all variables from the ears of the flight control, etc. are fed

After the article in this series will deal only with the digital computer. We'll see how it is constructed and how they act in the proceeding and on.

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