October 19, 2010

Apple iPad

Apple may prepare plans to sell iPad with Camera soon.

Apple revealed the short Description for the launch of the new iPad comes with a camera built-in and support FaceTime application, which the AppleInsider website reporting apple prepared that place to sale this iPad in the new generation products at long weekend coming.

The top of the most popular blog web sites, which had not been disclosed, said the new product is likely to have no improvement in any more, but only to have installed the camera to support the use of applications FaceTime only after the iPad was sent in market a few days ago. It became a product of the current hottest year ever. The sale of up to 3 million units within 80 days of release. which were originally intended of Apple want iPad is to be iPod Touch is the large version and purpose it suitable for use for reading eBooks Video games and see pictures. By prices of iPad Wi-Fi will be on the 499 US dollars for 16GB , 599 US dollars for 32GB  and 699 US dollars for size 64 GB but a model that is Wi-Fi and 3G, and these prices will rise in  629 US dollars, 729 US dollars and 829 US dollars, respectively.

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