October 21, 2010

Acer NetBook

Executive of Acer confirm NetBook market will also continue growing although  being aggressive from the tablet market

ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1001P-PU17-WT 10.1-Inch White Netbook (Up to 11 Hours of Battery Life)Acer AO532h-2588 10.1-Inch Onyx Blue Netbook - Up to 8 Hours of Battery LifeMeanwhile, the Tablet market has started to grow up so quickly, that resulted in It has become a computer that must have, and Many people would have any questions to other computer products market, such as NetBook, in the future will have a current?

Questions about this with the Mr. Scott Lin, President of Acer. Reply to the concern  the disappearance doubt within this conference yesterday that the current NetBook market will still have a strong position in the future.
The Intel just opened the latest processor chipset to the previous month, Lin still believe that the value of the price appropriate with performance would be attractive to consumers to buy not difficult. And the Acer had tested performance of the new processor chipset N550 dual core 1.5GHz and found that it is faster than previous versions to 50%, while prices remain the same. Which is considered as evidence on the effectiveness of good. In addition, Acer is also expected that this year global market, netbooks will be available to 40 million units, representing 20% of the total notebook market. The netbook will also retain its market share in 2011, although it does not expand any. Because, both HP and Dell are also not active in this market too much. Is simply the Acer and Asus in this market.

And, before the end of the issues Executives of Acer was clear that there is now also repeated could not predict market in the next year, it should be turned to the direction where can do about the market in the short term by to make the best

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