October 09, 2010

Apple LED Cinema Display 27''

Apple Released LED Cinema Display 27''

At the end of last week, Apple has sent 27-inch LED Cinema Display to the market officially already in prices. 999 U.S.dollars.

After that Has launched the latest version of the LED display in July last. The last released officially for the LED Cinema Display model 27-inch screen will have a resolution in the display at 2560x1440 pixels with 178 degree angle and MagSafe Connector for charging notebook. Connect to the computer via the Mini DisplayPort is also a USB 2.0 port on the back of the other three channels are connected to the accessory by iSight camera, microphone and speakers built 2.1 Size 49 watts, for Exterior is made of  the material Aluminum and glass 27-inch LED display.

Apple intends to be replaced, LED Cinema Display 24-inch and Apple Cinema HD Display 30" models on the market today. The price for the sale will be available at 999 U.S. dollars. Customers can pre-order today. Which would be expected to begin shipping product in the next 1-2 weeks.

Source : AppleInsider

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