October 07, 2010

Dell Android Tablet

Dell produced a second generation Android Tablet.

Dell is ready to be sent new production lines with send Android Tablet 2 generation to market soon.

Executives Michelle Dale said on Wednesday the past that the team Dell is ready to be sent Android Tablet version of the second issue hitting the market over from Dell Streak by revealed some detail of Android Tablet second edition that will have a 7-inch larger than the first generation Android Tablet, but also for an undisclosed Sell Price, Model Name, Released Date. And Technology to be used in this Tablet.

The Dell has recently released the first version of Android Tablet or Dell Streak in the United Kingdom earlier this past summer. And late of summer in America. There will be priced at. 299 U.S. dollars for 2 year contract with AT & T network  or alternative No contract in priced at 599 U.S. dollars. Which is now open for sale through the Dell.com Web site only, But the Plan that will be released through Best Buy with soon.

Source : CNET

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