October 23, 2010

PlayBook Tablet

RIM Opening New Tablet 'Playbook'

On Monday, RIM made the launch of the recommended the first edition of Tablet in name 'PlayBook' with revealed prepared sold early next year.

The RIM manufacturers of mobile smart phone brands as BlackBerry or BB has to launch the first tablet model release under that called 'PlayBook'. Which will be due to open sales in the United States early next year and in the international market, the second quarter of this year 2011. By Mike Lazaridis, Chairman President and Vice Executive of RIM came out to open the Tablet in DevCon at San Francisco, which PlayBook will have a size 7-inch and thick 9.7 mm supported the ability to standard browser HTML 5 will have HD camera both the front and rear with HDMI output and USB port build-in the Dual core around the frequency 1GHz RAM Size 1GB With special abilities of the software's BlackBerry OS latest version such as the ability to support the work multitasking or the ability to play the video playback resolution 1080p also supports connection 802.11 a / b /. g / n Wi-Fi and supports Adobe Flash 10.1 Unfortunately, this started that will not have in the 3G, or 4G version.

The user will have to connected the device with BlackBerry mobile through Bluetooth. To enable the data connection when not in the service area of Wi-Fi network. However, the authority has reiterated confidence that will grow into 3G and 4G version in the future certainly

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