November 28, 2010

Galaxy Tab sale 0.6 Millions worldwide

Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile)
Samsung joyfully! After sales of Galaxy Tab through six hundred thousand worldwide.

Samsung Electronics equipment manufacturer of Korean. Say " Now the company can sell 'Galaxy Tab' new tablet up to 6  hundred thousands worldwide." By can be sold at home up to 30,000 units after being released just two weeks. While the remaining digits. Coming from the availability of more than 30 countries around the world. In North America. Europe and Asia Pacific.

If, Considering from the sales of more than six hundred thousands already. Forecast that Samsung would be able to grab the number of millions in the end of this year don't to difficult.

Although iPad Tablet from Apple camp have been sharing market up to 95.5% on the previous quarter. The last Apple iPad is a record surpassed one million units sold. Just released the first 28 days only.

However, Korean manufacturers this is still ahead with plans to prepare the tablet market again next year. With the availability of tablet android species to meet the needs of a hot market. The future tablet will be driven to work with the android version 2.2 with touch screen display resolution 1024x600 processed by the processor speed 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird memory is 512 MB, do not miss connecting online with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. 3.0, 3G comes with two camera supports video chat, Flash 10.1 and a variety of video formats overflow.

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