December 01, 2010

Seagate Expansion 1 TB $50

Seagate Expansion 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive ST310005EXA101-RKSeagate Launched an external hard drive 1 Terabyte in the right price, only 50 U.S. dollars.

Best Buy released Seagate external hard drive, Model "Seagate Expansion" capacity 1 TB in a price plus tax, only 49.99 USD.

By Seagate Expansion hard drive is an external hard drive connected via USB 2.0 with a rotation speed of 7,200-rpm, which an improvement over the original. And addition 2-year warranty that the unit will be designed completely in black. Design to be placed flat on the ground did not stand. A feature that should not be a problem with most users will support USB 2.0 which is compatible with the Windows operating system common, including Mac, which Best Buy can offer Seagate Expansion capacity 1 Terabyte. at a price plus tax, just 49.99 USD only.

The promotion will end on this Monday and believe that during same time in next year. We might hear a special offer on Segate Expansion Hard disk 2 terabytes in same price again. Track to continue.

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