December 15, 2010

Kindle for the Web

Amazon to expand services 'Kindle for the Web' more for eBook readers.

After releasing Google talk to 'eBookstore' service the last few days, Amazon will not accept inferior preparation fighting with the expansion of services 'Kindle for the Web' from the previously allowed users to read digital books for free from the first chapter to a purchase. And reading in full without downloading or installing any software.

That means that Those retail bookstores, authors, blog Broker, and owner of other sites. Be able to offer their titles to be included in the widget's 'Kindle for the Web', which this benefit will allow all those a bookworms Instant access to book. Free e-book owners will also receive funding for referrals from Amazon Associates Program for the sale of books as well. Content as the president, said Russ Grandinetti, a user can access the library, reading the last page, bookmark, short notes, or highlight important messages, whether to buy or choose to read all the titles. I just have a Web browser only, and although the expansion of service Amazon will be working through the demo of the Google Chrome Web Store yesterday. As well as support for devices running on Chrome OS, Netbook web browser. And any other browser, but that does not mean that Amazon will become a partner with 'Google' certainly

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