December 16, 2010

MacBook Air Update Software

Apple Updates software to solve the problem MacBook Air display.

Yesterday, a team of Apple software update's out to solve some display problems. Which will appear pop up asking for this update in the user part of the first to buy the new updated MacBook Air models.

The team has been developing Mac software to send out software update for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch models that are updated. Which is faced with a problem that is very rare when the boot open up a new MacBook Air or order to wake up from sleep mode. The screen becomes, black or start not responding. By some of the users have noticed flickering horizontal line at times they appear on the display screen size 13 inch or begin to change coloring when waking from sleep.

In addition, users can also write to other similar problems in the forum page of Apple Support, which Apple did not report this problem to the public to be informed. However the information that leak from within. Support staffs awareness of the problem better by Boy Genius is reporting that Have been recorded from anonymous sources that occur on it. And has been published in the first week released MacBook Air with the software's MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update Version 2.0 on size 2.3 megabytes, which can be updated via the menu Software Update.


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