December 23, 2010

Nook Color Produced 18,000 units per day

B & N prepared for the holidays to produce Nook Color 18,000 units per day

Barnes & Noble Chairman Mr. Len Riggio has come out saying the words to support the idea that there Nook Color of how much that will be sold this holiday season that The manufacturer has prepared on this subject. By manufacture of the product 18,000 units per day.

In article one of Publishers Weekly. On the topic Len Riggio: Person of the Year of the PW. Mr. Riggio said B & N has ordered the manufacturer accelerating the production of reading eBooks color Nook Color came out a lot to meet in this holiday season. The production rates is 18,000 units per day. And is gradually moving machine from product manufacturers in China to the U.S. every 4-5 days. By the way, we all thoughts this would be enough for the holiday season is certainly, The PW also claims that the speech of Riggio, he said "himself is also expected to meet the needs of e-book reader throughout 2011, that there will be increasing by likely tell from the user.

Which is believed to be good until the year 2012. He also added about the price that it will lower the price. Opposite functions of various applications that gradually increased." But he did not explain why he thought that the growth rate is good until 2012, and will be fixed rate or a slight increase after this.

The figures for sale reader e-book in Amazon and Barnes & Noble in October last more than 1 million units. And B & N believes it has a Nook Color sold more than five hundred thousand units in this holiday season. The Nook Color Available since starting on November 16 last at price 250's U.S. dollars.

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