December 20, 2010

Intel Tablet PC

Intel revealed the Tablet of the chip's many camps, who were prepared to release gradually next year.

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO have to say on the past. Its chips are used in a Tablet over 35 different models. Which is placed there will be launched in 2011.

By Otellini said in the live call via the Internet Barclays Capital 2010 Global Technology that we are progressing, check to make sure we have been supporting for all before it to the market, which in 2011 will have Many brands such camps more than 15 brands, including Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Motion Computing are using our chips are part of the Tablet. It supports both Microsoft Windows and android (Froyo and Honeycomb) It now has two production lines for the Atom processor, Tablet PC, one of which is our legacy from the previous version. There will be codename the Oak Trail, which is suitable for use on Windows. Is important for those who want the advantages in compatibility of computer peripherals such as printer all connected to work together well. USB drivers can all connect to each another. In addition, we also optimized version of an atom is called Moorestown for users who want the lightest weight. The lifetime of the longest battery life. And is the thinnest handset.

However not compatible with the PC. There will be x86 instruction set so it can connect to the Internet by Otellini also emphasized that another action plan. Chips, we have to go to Plan a smart phone soon as well. The second-generation atom chips for smart phones that are named Medfield in the range of random sampling. And should be shipped to manufacturers in 2011 and 2012 by the user will see a smart phone from a vendor in the market-leading brand within the second quarter of 2011.

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