January 09, 2011

Dell merger with Compellent

Dell Inspiron iM1012-687OBK 10.1-Inch Netbook (Obsidian Black)
Dell pay acquisition of Compellent with a cash value more than 960 million dollars.

Dell preparing to market technology businesses 'Cloud Computing' again with to dig out to acquisition the leading data collection Compellent Technologies company with over 960 million dollars in cash yesterday.

The reason is that the Dell acquisition of this data collection. Due to the need for us to Compellent. Assist in promoting the company's PC business over from the original. Hit the market, including competitors like HP and IBM, the technology 'Cloud Computing' is being present to watch. Compellent is for a company specializing in data storage and data recovery for small businesses - medium The Dell also has some intention to continue the existing program as it was But there may be an increase in investment, engineering, support, operations and expand their business to grow further. Currently this storage has been a very important role for technology 'cloud computing'. Because it is a critical technology need to be processed remote via high-speed Internet network. That it is a technology that reduces costs. and affordable access to budget computers to work instead of expensive computer.
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Compellent CEO Phil Soran said: 'We are excited for the merger with Dell. This is a new step for success in business'.

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