October 05, 2010


Reveal BlackBerry Added Dropbox Service

Dropbox service available on major mobile platforms currently have all 3 platforms and including Android, iPhone, and most recently with BlackBerry.

The Dropbox service for BlackBerry mobile phones that were previously used in the latest beta version can be used in the full version now via dropbox.com / blackberry. On the mobile browser. This allows users to upload a file on your smartphone. In the form of image files, music files or even video files to your Dropbox account, which his agent said we want to see an application to build this relationship between BlackBerry users to share things together. As with the BlackBerry Messenger service, and social networks, respectively. Initially, it can work well on the Blackberry Curve 3G network, but Version is having a little trouble on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile, which we are still accelerating solves. If the user experience usability issues. Can be more informed that come to the team to improve it. The user could sign up to receive free code. This is an area for storing data can be upgraded to 2GB and the account name to expand the area further.

Source : CNET

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